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An appraisal...

Quite a detailed appraisal of the situation:

Recognised by spiritual elders?

I'd say her credibility is shot every time she calls herself "Sioux" (the colonial term that no actual Lakota would use) or claims that there is such a thing as a "Sioux Salish tribe."

I'd say her credibility is much more shot by her blatant lies in that message defending herself.

"she has been recognized as shaman of the “Tribe of Many Colors” by the spiritual elders of many indigenous tribes and peoples including the Cherokee, the Cheyenne, the Hopi, the Inuit, the Aboriginal people, the Waitaha, the Maori, the Maya, the Zulu, as well as the lamas of Nepal and Tibet. Gifts and medicine from these peoples began coming soon after she was initiated as shaman at age 30"

Then why can't she name even one alleged elder who supposedly supports her? All she can name is an obvious fraud like Adam DeArmon/Yellowbird, a white exploiter out of Sedona who harmed dozens of Native elders with false claims. Not even Manataka was fooled by DeArmon.

Again the list of people she claims have elders supporting her:
Which ones? Which of the three recognized nations?
Fact is, the Cherokee Nation has said openly many times that to put up a shingle on the web means you are a fraud. Period.

Hopi Nation- says the same. That's at least two tribes that consider her to be an outright fraud. More than likely her supposed "elders" are of dubious origin.

Inuit- Which ones of hundreds of communities?

Aboriginal people- have thousands of communities

Waitaha, Maori- apparently Crowther doesn't seem to know the Waitaha ARE Maoris. But a simple check shows why they mention this group within the Maori. Apparently the exploiter Melchizedek makes claims about their prophecies.

Maya- Again, which ones of the thousands of communities? Actual Maya tend to ID by their region and village.

Zulu- again, millions of Zulu

The lamas of Nepal and Tibet-ALL of them?
She certainly is big on grandiose unproven claims.

I will make the offer right now to Crowther and her supporters:

Name these supposed elders that you claim support her.

Until then, all she has backing her is an obvious fraud and exploiter, DeArmon, with a long track record of claiming to promote peace and spirituality while taking every dollar he can lay his hands on.

Lakota/Salish truth

My cousin and I have been quietly watching "little grandmother" for awhile on facebook. I signed up here to comment after seeing someone on facebook post that she had been mentioned on this forum. My cousin is pretty angry right now, trying to put word out about this woman. My family is Lakota. My cousin married a Salish and she and my grandmother live in the Flathead. She has shown pictures and video of this woman and her claims, and no one knows her or heard of her. Our family back in Lower Brule, do not know of her either except one who says she heard she was ordained by a new agey group in Colorado to go out and do these ceremonies with her crystals and that she has abandoned her children and husband to go and live this life. She is making other claims about how the Salish in the Flathead has made her a shaman over their people now. This is a lie as no one here hears of her.
I feel that all we can do is make demands for her to post pictures of her with family and elders to prove her claims. We do not know the entire story of what she is up to or why and trying to piece this together.

Read more:

Attempted theft...

To briefly explain what's happened:
Crowther has been using an image of a painting by an Australian Aboriginal artist, Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra, to advertise her Australian trip.
The painting is worth over $6000 Aus. The use of the image is protected by Aus copyright laws.
Commercial Australian indigenous art is one of the few industries where Australian aborigines see a decent profit. There is an Indigenous Art Code set up to protect the rights of aboriginal artists to fair trade.
I find it ironic that she may be running into even more trouble by appropriating commercial work...

Here is a copy of the email correspondence I have been having with Sabine Haider, Vice President of the Aus Indigenous Art Trade Assoc and Director of Central Art:

Dear Sabine Haider,

I am writing to you to alert you to the use of one of your artist's paintings on the website of 'Kiesha Crowther, Little Garandmother'. If she or her representatives have permission to use your images, I apologise unreservedly and ask you to ignore this email.
The reason I query whether she has permission to use the image is because she has previously misappropriated traditions from northern american indigenous cultures, and been the subject of their protests.

You can find your artist's (Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra) image on the following two links:

Again, if she has permission to use this image I apologise. Her history with indigenous cultures has led me to suspect she may not...


Dear Catherine

Thank you very much for the alert. NO permission has been granted. Gee, this makes me mad. Thank you once again. Hopefully the person will remove this immediately otherwise I will require to inform Viscopy.

Sabiné Haider
Central Art
* Vice President - Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association
* Signatory to the Indigenous Code of Conduct

Dear Sabine,
thanks for letting me know.
I belong to a website called NewageFrauds and Plastic Shamans, whose aim is to protect indigenous cultures from misappropriation/exploitation.
We are collecting information about Crowther to raise awareness of her activities.
I havent mentioned the name of your artist or yourself on the forum, although I have stated that I suspect she has used an image without permission.
Is it alright with you if I make this information public?


Dear Catherine
Please do. I work very closely with Copyright Australia and Aboriginal Artists Agency Anthony Wallis who is currently away overseas. Anthony would know exactly what we should do. Please let me know if I can help or assist with getting the word out. Perhaps Art Trade can assist as well. I have been so angry and even more so when one cannot contact the person.

Sabiné Haider
Central Art
* Vice President - Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association
* Signatory to the Indigenous Code of Conduct

Dear Catherine
Here I am again requiring your help. I cannot find any contact details for this person. Apparently so busy she is unable to answer any emails. Can you help me.
Sabiné Haider

Dear Sabine,
I wish I could give you contact details for Kiesha Crowther- I would imagine that there are a number of people trying to find her!
All I can tell you, is that in the past year, she has deeply offended various indigenous tribes in America, by claiming to be their 'shaman' and by offering her version of some of their most sacred ceremonies for sale. Following strong protests over the internet from Lakota people, and the publishing of official statements from the Elders of the Salish tribe and a Mayan Elder, and following the circulation of an article written by a Dr Carroll on her fraudulence, she removed her claims re her 'indian connection' from her website. Chapters of the AIM (American Indian Movement) have recently been protesting her appearances in the USA. I suspect that she hopes to find an audience removed from all of this in Australia.
Regarding her website, Crowther has removed material that she had no right to in the past, once it got too 'hot'. I would hope that if she receives emails from yourself, on behalf of your agencies and referring to Copyright Australia, she would remove the image immediately. If not, I'm not sure how one would find her- unless you were able to trace her once she got to Australia in June.
I'll put details of my correspondence with you on the NAFPS (NewAgeFrauds and Plastic Shamans) website. It may be that someone has further ideas re action you can take.
You can find us at
kind regards

Welcome Ms Wilma

I checked KC site and the artist's work has been taken down.

Thanks to you:)

All that $$$ and too cheap to use an i stock image- Geez!


Truth from a follower

Words from a previous avid follower:

SOTA statement

The following statement is from the SOTA ( ) Facebook page:

"Shift of the Ages
We wanted to stay out of this, but SOTA was more or less forced into addressing Kiesha Crowther's claims. Portions of Wandering Wolf's video messages were taken without permission and used out of context to build her credibility and garner support for her message and work. She also claimed to be a recognized member (or Wisdom Keeper) of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders of the Americas (the underground Council Wandering Wolf is president of) and this is completely false. We've obviously received many questions about Don Alejandro's and SOTA's association with her. Is she saying some inspiring and good things? ... yes. Is some of the things she is saying truth? ... perhaps? Has she intentionally mislead people? ... Without a doubt!"

Lakota life and history

How many of the Lakota live.

It take a 'Wasichu' to bring the truth to the rest of the 'Wasichus'!

Why does Keisha do nothing about the people she claims to be a "Shaman" for?
How can she stand in front of anyone else and make claims that she has authority to practice ceremonies, carry a 'Chanunpa' (ceremonial pipe), wear a medicine bundle, wear a buckskin, facilitate 'Inipi' (sweat lodge), when the Elders of the Lakota do not know her and have never met her?
She has no integrity as she allows 'her' people to suffer while she makes hundreds of thousands from their traditions and gives nothing back!

Note: how sad and ironic that IBM sponsors the video, when they were responsible for the machines and the numbering system, that counted the victims of the Nazi concentration camps, and are now the leaders in the campaign for RFID chips in humans around the world! They have made, and want to make more, billions from suffering!